Auto Groover AG-5 Version EX (Lens-edge Groover)

Smaller lenses can be grooved!

Processes a small 24mm high lens for the latest frame fashions simply in a single job cycle due to a new designed lens guide system.

AG-5 Version EX

Depth and location of groove are adjustable simply and precisely.

AG-5 Version EX AG-5 Version EX

Three grooving styles - are available.
  • Center
  • Front Curve
  • Back Curve grooves

Grooving styles Diamond cutter wheel

High quality diamond cutter wheel fine grooves both mineral and plastic lenses.
Wide of grooveMax. depth of groovethickness / Diameter of lens acceptable
0.6mm-standard (0.5-1.2mm with extra wheels)0.7mm1.5-11.0mm/24-70mm
Power requirementsDimensions/Weight
100-120V 60Hz AC or 200-240V 50Hz AC, 57W170(W)x210(D)x150(H)mm/2.7kg