'Dia Tracer Interface' Program for VisionWeb

This page is to download and set up our 'Dia Tracer Interface' program that allows your 'Dia' FD-80 Tracer (FD-80 Frame/Lens Scanner) to upload and store its traces to a PC then upload them to the VisionWeb site to utilize their most advanced and convenient lens ordering system.
Please be sure to first download the PDF file "Instructions" from this page and read it thoroughly before downloading and practically operating our 'Dia Tracer Interface' program with your FD-80 Tracer.
Should you have any further question on usage of our 'Dia Tracer Interface' program, please contact our official distributor, from whom you purchased your FD-80 Tracer.

Dia Optical Co. retains all rights, title, interest and ownership in and to this program, which is protected by copyright law and international treaties. This program cannot be used for any purpose other than to generate lens shape data from your clients frames with your 'Dia' FD-80 Tracer, save the shape data files on your computer and transmit the shape data electronically to a laboratory via VisionWeb. Unauthorized assignment, distribution or reproduction of this program or any part of this program, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under law.

Download.exeSetup File